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I’ve learned that there’s a lot more to writing an Amish suspense or mystery than simply adding a couple of buggies and setting the novel in the country. The Amish are complex and faithful, secretive, and find humor in just about anything. Whenever I’m on the hunt for an Amish mystery, I look for authors who are knowledgeable about the Amish, portray them as real, multi-layered individuals, and make me feel like I’m back in Amish country. Here are five authors who I feel craft a great Amish mystery:

  • Marta Perry. Marta can write an outstanding romantic suspense novel! In Lost in Plain Sight, the story begins with an Amish woman being accused of theft. From there, she creates an emotional, page-turning, and romantic tale. The first time I read it, I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough. I love her books, especially the ones she writes for Steeple Hill’s Love Inspired Suspense line.
  • Vannetta Chapman. Vannetta is such an excellent writer. She can truly craft a scene that stays with you long after the book is done. Her newest is titled What the Bishop Saw. It takes place in Colorado and features Bishop Lapp, who eventually figures everything out. Vannetta creates characters that are made up of many layers. Just when I am sure I “know” someone in her books, she reveals another side of him or her.
  • Amanda Flower. I always recommend Amanda’s books to anyone new to the genre. Her books are well researched and incredibly readable. She uses a lot of humor in her writing, too. You might want to grab a cup of hot tea, a plate of cookies, and start with A Plain Death, which is the first in a series.
  • Karen Harper. Karen Harper is well known and has published more than sixty novels. I know a lot of people love her Elizabethan mysteries, but I first fell in love with her writing because of her Amish books. Her Amish mysteries are smart and filled with well-researched details. One of my favorites is Upon a Winter’s Night, which takes place at Christmas and includes a nice romance as well.
  • Jodi Picoult. Though Jodi only wrote one Amish novel, Plain Truth is still my go-to book when I think about a finely crafted suspense. Plain Truth was also the first Amish book I ever read—and what an introduction to the genre!

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