How to Make the Most of Summer Reading

How to Make the Most of Summer Reading

I live for summer reading. Live for it. There is just something about spending a long, lazy summer day curled up with a good book—that activity is a pure dream for me. Nothing is as relaxing as reading a book—and getting lost in a new adventure. You can literally do anything and be anything in the pages of a good book. How can you possibly beat that? Summer reading is definitely my addiction of choice, but I do feel like certain—ahem—guidelines should be followed for any summer reading adventure…and these are *my* guidelines:

Tips to Make the Most of Summer Reading
  1. Pick the perfect spot. Some people like to read under the shade of a big tree, some like to lounge by the pool, and others prefer reading at the beach. I don’t particularly mind the location as long as it meets one all-important requirement: My book (or e-reader) cannot get wet! So the spot must be in a water-free zone. (If the book gets wet, my day is done.) I’ve seen some folks skirting way too close to the surf with a book cradled in their hands. Why do this? Why tempt fate? Those books are precious babies!
  2. Snacks are a must. Something light so that I won’t have to leave my precious book in order to rush to the kitchen and refuel. I would normally say that chocolate goes perfectly with books, but…during the summer…melted chocolate is no fun.
  3. No interruptions! When you seek the solace of a summer read, that is not the time for every member of your family (or your dear friends) to come and chat you up. Summer reading time is precious time. Private time. It’s no-interruption time. It’s not chat-with-all-your-neighbors time. It’s the time to sink into the pages of a good book. The perfect time to get lost with new characters.
  4. Books, books, and more books. When you sit down for summer reading, there are lots of book options. You can go for a hot summer romance, a sultry suspense, or even a summer scare. There are so many books to choose from…so choose wisely! For me…I generally go for the summer romance. I want a book with a happy ending to conclude my perfect reading day. I want to end on that emotional high—a high that will have me eagerly anticipating the next book. Summer is my chance to recharge, and when I read uplifting books, I come away feeling happier about life in general. It’s win-win. BUT…don’t get me wrong. If the summer weather turns stormy, you can find me curled up with a summer scare. It’s not like it has to be an either-or situation. Different books for different people!
  5. Read and repeat. Why just have one summer reading day? There are so many days of summer just waiting for you. Tuesday, June 20th, was the first “official” day of summer—so that means there are plenty of days still on the calendar!

When I was in high school, I would spend every summer day curled up with books. Back then, ebooks weren’t available with the touch a fingertip, so in order to find a new book, I’d head out to my local new bookstore—or, if I was looking for an older title, to the nearby used bookstore. I came to adore the familiar, sweet smell of a bookstore, and I’d spend hours checking out the shelves.

These days, I don’t have the luxury of a summer long vacation (my teenage self should have appreciated that more!), but I do enjoy my summer nights and weekends. I find my reading time wherever I can, and I greedily guard that time.


Those are my “guidelines”—but I’d sure love to hear about your summer reading plans. If you have guidelines of your own, please share. Right now, I’m working on teaching my son all about the merits of summer reading. His ebook reader is loaded, and I do believe the boy is ready to go. Now, to find him the perfect reading spot, the best snacks, and an interruption-free zone…

Thanks so much for checking out my post! I hope you have a wonderful summer! May it be filled with many fabulous books.

Happy reading!

Cynthia Eden

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